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NIA CFD Seminar, Speakers

  1. Yuya Ando
    02-19-2013: More Innovation Using SC/Tetra, the Innovative CFD Software
  2. Robert L. Ash
    09-10-2013: Non-equilibrium Pressure Considerations in Modeling Viscous Rotating Flows
  3. Francesco Avallone
    04-11-2019: Numerical investigation of noise sources and noise mitigation strategies for Ultra High Bypass Ratio engines
  4. James D. Baeder
    10-16-2017: Flexible Multibody Dynamics Tools For Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analysis
  5. Brody Bassett
    05-02-2018: Meshless Methods for the Neutron Transport Equation
  6. Alfonso Callejo
    08-22-2018: Sensitivity analysis of flexible multibody systems with application to rotor dynamics
  7. Olivier A. Bauchau
    09-27-2018: Solutions of Boundary Value and Periodic Problems for Flexible Multibody Dynamics Systems
    09-28-2017: Flexible Multibody Dynamics Tools For Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analysis
    11-19-2015: Integrating Three-Dimensional Stress Evaluation With Rotorcraft Comprehensive A nalysis
  8. Mark H. Carpenter
    02-28-2012: Recent Advances for Energy-Stable WENO Schemes
  9. Chau-Lyan Chang
    09-09-2014: Numerical Simulations of General Conservation Laws Using the Space-Time Conservative CESE Method
  10. James M. Chen
    03-08-2016: A Kinetic Description of Morphing Continuum Theory and its Applications
  11. Andrey Chernikov
    05-06-2014: Parallel Tetrahedral Mesh Generation
  12. Seongim Choi
    08-04-2014: High-/Multi-Fidelity Aerodynamic Analysis and MDO with Uncertainty Quantification
  13. Kaihua Ding
    08-12-2019: Solution Error Control Using Automated Mesh Interface Creation and Efficient Output-Based Adaptation Mechanics
  14. Steven Diot
    09-24-2013: The MOOD Method --- Multidimensional Optimal Order Detection -- a first a posteriori approach to...
  15. Boris Diskin
    02-18-2014: Evaluation of Multigrid Solutions for Turbulent Flows
    04-16-2013: Adjoint-based optimization of unsteady turbulent flows: Recent advances and current challenges
    10-18-2011: Mesh Effects on Accuracy of Finite-Volume Discretization Schemes
  16. Lian Duan
    03-19-2013: Direct Numerical Simulation for Laminar-to-Turbulent Transition Prediction
    12-13-2011: Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation of Hypersonic Turbulent Flows
  17. Benjamin Duda
    05-14-2013: Numerical Investigations on a Hot Jet in Cross Flow Using Scale-Resolving Simulations
  18. Peter Dunning
    01-22-2013: The Level Set Method applied to Structural Topology Optimization
  19. Daming Feng
    04-25-2017: Scalable Parallel Delaunay Image-to-Mesh Conversion for Shared and Distributed Memory Architectures
  20. David Del Rey Fernßndez
    04-11-2017: A brief introduction to summation-by-parts methods and their various flavors
  21. Travis Fisher
    04-24-2012: Entropy Stable High Order Finite Difference Schemes for Finite Domain Compressible Flows
  22. Nicolas R. Gauger
    07-17-2014: Efficient Techniques for Optimal Active Flow Control
  23. Debojyoti Ghosh
    06-03-2014: Compact-Reconstruction WENO Schemes - Theory, Implementation and Applications
  24. Antonio Di Giovanni
    06-03-2014: DNS of Roughness-Induced Transition in the Boundary Layer of a Hypersonic Spherical Forebody
  25. Peter Gnoffo
    04-22-2014: Walsh Functions in Numerical Simulation: A New Framework for Solving Nonlinear Systems of PDEs
  26. Philip Hall
    08-05-2019: Distributed Vortex-Wave Interaction Arrays and Turbulent Shear Flows
  27. Christopher Goyne
    04-26-2019: Scramjet Ground Testing and Control Approaches
  28. Atsushi Hashimoto
    03-04-2014: Development of Fast and Efficient CFD Tools, HexaGrid and FaSTAR
  29. Stefan Heinz
    05-08-2019: Toward Physically Exact RANS-LES
  30. Nathaniel Hildebrand
    07-18-2017: Stability and Sensitivity Analysis for the Control of Shock-Driven Flows
  31. Jon Holland
    03-19-2019: Integrated Field Inversion and Machine Learning With Embedded Neural Network Training
  32. Christian Huettig
    08-28-2012: An Improved Formulation for the Navier-Stokes Equations with Variable Viscosity
    11-15-2011: Finite Volume discretization on irregular Voronoi Grids
  33. Xun Huan
    08-27-2019: Uncertainty Quantification via Optimal Experimental Design and Bayesian Neural Networks for Aerospace Applications
  34. Prahladh S. Iyer
    11-03-2015: High-Speed Boundary-Layer Transition Induced by a Discrete Roughness Element
  35. Tomohiro Irie
    10-01-2018: Overset mesh and related technology in scFLOW Tomohiro Irie
    10-06-2014: Recent Applications of Overset Mesh Technology in SC/Tetra
  36. Elbert Jeyapaul
    12-03-2013: Higher-Order Moments and Their Modeling Approximations in a Turbulent Channel Flow Subjected to ...
    11-29-2011: Turbulent Flow Separation in Three-dimensional Asymmetric Diffusers
  37. Xiangmin (Jim) Jiao
    03-24-2016: Robust Adaptive High-Order Geometric and Numerical Methods Based on Weighted Least Squares
  38. Aaron Katz
    02-05-2013: Improvements to Second-Order CFD Methods, New Third-Order Schemes, and Extensions to Higher-Order
  39. Graeme Kennedy
    06-20-2017: A Robust and Flexible Coupling Framework for Aeroelastic Analysis and Optimization
    07-15-2015: Large-Scale Topology Optimization Methods for Additively Manufactured Structures
    08-27-2014: Structural and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aircraft with Next-Generation Lightweight Materials
  40. Keiichi Kitamura
    08-18-2017: SLAU2 and Post Limiter for (Unlimited) Second-Order Flow Simulations on Unstructured Grids
  41. Johan Larsson
    04-24-2019: Grid-Adaptation for Large Eddy Simulations
  42. Young Ju Lee
    08-21-2012: An Application of Multigrid Methods for the Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows
  43. Lingquan Li
    09-04-2019: Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes Method Based on Reconstructed-Discontinuous-Galerkin or Reconstructed-Finite-Volume Formulation with Variational Reconstruction
  44. Wei Liao
    02-14-2012: Challenges in Boundary-Layer Stability Analysis Based On Unstructured Grid Solutions
  45. Yi Liu
    09-19-2017: Third-Order Edge-Based Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes Scheme for Three-Dimensional Viscous Flows
    02-21-2017: Third-Order Inviscid and Second-Order Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes Solvers for Three-Dimensional Unsteady...
    10-17-2016: Implementation of Third-Order Edge-Based Scheme into FUN3D for Steady and Unsteady Flows, Part I: ...
    04-10-2012: Rotorcraft Noise Prediction with Coupled Multidisciplinary Methods
  46. Zhanping Liui
    03-06-2020: High-Performance Flow Visualization: Research, Development, and Application
  47. Eric Loth
    10-27-2015: Observation of Novel Dynamics for a Low-Boom Relaxed-Compression Supersonic Inlet
  48. Jialin Lou
    01-30-2018: Development and Implementation of Reconstructed Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for CFD on GPUs
  49. Hong Luo
    05-28-2013: A Reconstructed Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based on a Hierarchical WENO Reconstruction for...
  50. Li-Shi Luo
    01-17-2012: Kinetic Methods for CFD
  51. Guillaume Martinat
    04-30-2013: Simulation of Stratified Turbulence Over the Coastal Shelf
  52. Alireza Mazaheri
    05-18-2016: High-Order Discontinuous-Galerkin Schemes using Hyperbolic First-Order System Approach:...
    02-24-2016: Hyperbolic Method for Dispersive PDEs: Same High-Order of Accuracy for Solution, Gradient, and Hessian
    01-26-2016: High-Order Residual-Distribution Schemes for Discontinuous Problems on Irregular Triangular Grids
    09-08-2015: Is Curved-Element a Necessity for all High-Order Schemes?
  53. Shivaji Medida
    06-11-2013: Improved Turbulence and Transition Modeling Methods for Industrial CFD Simulations
  54. Asitav Mishra
    06-20-2018: A GPU Accelerated Adjoint Solver for Shape Optimization 06-27-2013: Time-dependent Adjoint-based Optimization for Coupled Fluid-Structure Problems
  55. Joan G. Moore and John Moore
    08-04-2015: M4D, an Open Source Research CFD Code for the Calculation of Classical and Turbulent/Transitional Flows
  56. Sameer B. Mulani
    09-20-2016: Polynomial Chaos Decomposition with Differentiation and Applications
  57. Venkat Narayanaswamy
    05-22-2019: Venkat Narayanaswamy
    Experimental and Computational Investigations into Supersonic and Hypersonic Viscous Flows
  58. Duc T. Nguyen
    07-25-2017: Finite Element Domain Decomposition Algorithms & Software With Applications in Civil/Structural/...
  59. Angxiu Ni
    06-14-2017: Sensitivity analysis on chaotic dynamical systems by Non-Intrusive Least Squares Shadowing (NILSS)
  60. Hiro Nishikawa
    04-10-2018: Uses of Zero and Negative Volume Elements for Node-Centered Edge-Based Discretization
    03-07-2017: Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes Method for High-Reynolds-Number Boundary-Layer Flows
    02-14-2017: Accuracy-Preserving Source Term Quadrature for Third-Order Edge-Based Discretization
    09-29-2015: Third-Order Edge-Based Scheme and New Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes System
    08-25-2015: Third-Order Active Flux Schemes for Advection Diffusion
    12-16-2014: Accuracy-Preserving Boundary Quadrature for Edge-Based Scheme: 3rd-order without curved elements
    08-26-2014: First-, Second-, and Third-Order Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes Solver
    06-18-2013: First, Second, and Third Order Finite-Volume Schemes for Advection-Diffusion
    12-18-2012: First, Second, and Third Order Finite-Volume Schemes for Diffusion
    12-04-2012: Divergence Formulation of Source Term
    11-01-2011: Robust and Accurate Viscous Discretization by Hyperbolic Recipe
    10-04-2011: First-Order Hyperbolic System Method
  61. Emmett Padway
    08-21-2019: Tangent and Adjoint Problems in Partially Converged Flows
  62. Juliette Pardue
    09-18-2018: Three-Dimensional Prism-Dominant Mesh Generation for Viscous Flows Around Surface Slope Discontinuities
    09-27-2016: Parallel Two-Dimensional Unstructured Anisotropic Delaunay Mesh Generation of Complex Domains for...
  63. Pedro Paredes
    10-20-2015: Advances in Global Instability Computations: from Incompressible to Hypersonic flows
  64. Matteo Parsani
    12-02-2014: Entropy stable wall boundary conditions for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations
    04-02-2013: Design of Optimal Explicit Runge-Kutta Schemes for the High-Order Spectral Difference Method
  65. Yan Peng
    03-05-2013: Study of Bioparticle Transport Using Lattice Boltzmann Method and Immersed Boundary Method
  66. Alex Povitsky
    05-13-2014: Adjusted Formulation of Vorticity Confinement with Applications to Tip Vortices of Stationary and Rotaing...
  67. Sriram K. Rallabhandi
    01-31-2012: Coupled CFD/Sonic Boom Adjoint Methodology and its Application to Aircraft Design
  68. Venkat Raman
    12-13-2016: Understanding the Role of Thermal Nonequilibrium in Scramjet Flows
  69. Ralf Rudnik
    06-05-2019: In-Tunnel Simulation of the HL-CRM in the LaRC 14 x 22 ft. Wind Tunnel - Part II: Model-in-Tunnel Simulation Using TAU-DRSM
    03-15-2019: In-Tunnel CFD Simulation of the HL-CRM in the LaRC 14 x 22 ft Wind Tunnel - Part I: Empty Tunnel Simulation Approaches and Verification Using TAU-DRSM
  70. Axel Schw÷ppe
    04-09-2013: Recent Developments for the Multigrid Scheme in the DLR TAU-Code
    11-20-2012: Overview of the Multigrid Scheme in the DLR TAU-Code
  71. Ke Shi
    03-23-2016: Superconvergent HDG Methods on General Polyhedral/Polygonal Meshes
  72. Prakash Shrestha
    07-24-2018: Study of High-Speed Transition due to Roughness Elements
  73. Vishal Srivastava
    08-15-2019: Developing Data-Augmented Turbulence Models using Field Inversion and Machine Learning
  74. Chi-Wang Shu
    10-23-2012: Positivity-Preserving High Order Schemes for Convection Dominated Equations
  75. Venkat Narayanaswamy
    05-22-2019: Pramod Subbareddy
    Experimental and Computational Investigations into Supersonic and Hypersonic Viscous Flows
  76. Ali Uzun
    03-21-2017: Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulations of Separated Flows: Part Two
    02-10-2016: Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulations of Separated Flows
    09-15-2015: High-Fidelity Simulations of Complex High-Speed Flows
  77. Balaji Shankar Venkatachari
    03-13-2012: The Space-time Conservation Element and Solution Element (CESE) Numerical Framework
  78. Jin Wang
    10-23-2012: Computing Fluid Flow with Moving Interfaces - Two Examples
  79. Li Wang
    07-14-2015: Flow Analysis and Adjoint-Based Design Optimization Using a High-Order CFD Method
  80. Qiqi Wang
    01-29-2015: Towards Aerospace design in the Age of Extreme-Scale Supercomputing
    08-27-2013: Chaotic adjoint: from massive linear algebra to a light-weight wrapper of existing solvers
    03-27-2012: Computational Sensitivity Analysis of Chaotic Dynamical Systems
  81. Heng Xiao
    05-04-2016: A Data-Driven, Physics-Informed Approach towards Predictive Turbulence Modeling
    05-20-2013: A Consistent Hybrid LES/RANS Framework with High-Order LES Solver on Cartesian Mesh
  82. Nail Yamaleev
    06-19-2013: Adjoint-Based Optimization of Flapping-Wing Flows
    02-28-2012: Recent Advances for Energy-Stable WENO Schemes
  83. SeungJoon Yang
    07-12-2019: Drag and Noise Reduction of Flatback Trailing-edge Airfoils by Span-wise Wavy Trailing-edge Design
  84. Beckett Zhou
    03-13-2018: Aeroacoustic Optimization Capabilities in the Open-Source SU2 Solver
  85. Ruhai Zhou
    11-06-2012: Numerical Simulations of Passive and Active Nematic Polymer Suspensions using Kinetic Model

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